Beazer Adds Solar Leasing Option to Homes in Phoenix

Beazer Homes is expanding its green-built offerings in Phoenix by giving buyers the option to lease solar panels, thereby lowering utility bills without the dissuasive upfront costs of sun-harnessing technology. Already, the Atlanta-based production builder’s eSMART green building model—standard on all of its homes as of January—features water- and energy-saving products such as low-E windows, tankless water heaters, Energy Star-rated appliances, dual-flush toilets, home energy monitoring, and compact fluorescent bulbs along with fresh-air ventilated ducts, MERV-8 filters, and low-VOC paints to improve air quality. Homes in Beazer’s Terraza at Villago development in Phoenix now also will come with the necessary attachments for a solar panel array. Instead of buying the PV equipment, which can carry an upfront cost from $15,000 to $60,000, homeowners can utilize SolarCity’s SolarLease program: SolarCity installs panels for zero down payment and then leases the electricity back with a monthly price lower than what the home’s energy costs would be.

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