News 7/16/2024

Phoenix is Rising - The Phoenix housing market is on fire, driven by strong economic growth, once in a generation affordability levels, and a surge in investment activity that far surpasses the levels during the housing boom. Once considered to be at ground zero of the housing market collapse, ...

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Land Acquisition

Residential, commercial, and industrial land developers, investors, or Homebuilders may not have enough time or resources to concentrate on acquiring sites for future projects while also working on several ongoing projects. The Hogan Group prides it selves on being an efficient and successful time management tool for land purchasers of all sizes. The Hogan Group will compile acquisition criteria from its client, and scour an identified area or market for tracts of land that have proper development potential.

Since our team has expert knowledge of local planning and zoning procedures for our entire coverage area, we can identify which parcels would be likely candidates for rezoning or even annexation into bordering municipalities if necessary. If our team identifies a parcel that fits our client's criteria but it is not large enough, we can undertake the assemblage of neighboring parcels on their behalf.

Land Disposition

The Hogan Group offers a wide variety of services to aid their clients in the complex process of selling their land. In order to identify the most likely purchasers, The Hogan Group assists its clients by determining the property's market value and highest and best use, considering both development and conservation. Our evaluation of the property considers market activity, comparables, absorption, development status and a number of other elements that contribute to pricing the property.

Once priced, we develop a marketing and disposition strategy, and present the property to the largest pool of qualified buyers available. This basic foundation is what has attracted countless land owners to reach out to The Hogan Group for assistance in selling their land.

Investment Brokerage

The Hogan Group works on behalf of investors to dispose and acquire commercial property, maximizing returns. We offer services that encompass the entire transaction process, locating the right opportunities for our clients, and meeting the time constraints of 1031 exchanges. Whether our investor clients are looking for retail store fronts, office buildings, pad sites, industrial space, or something in between, The Hogan Group has the tools needed to find the space. Our comprehensive knowledge of the local market, as well as our unparalleled experience, allow us to maximize our client's budget, and accelerate the transaction process.

Landlord/Seller Representation

The Hogan Group offer services to retailers, property owners, and landlords to help them achieve their real estate goals. We have an in depth knowledge of market activity, which allows us to maximize the value of our client's property by establishing a target market and implementing a strong marketing plan. In addition, we provide well-informed guidance in every aspect of the sale. Our extensive network of industry brokers, agents, and professionals provides us with the market exposure to successfully handle any commercial disposition project.

Tenant/Buyer Representation

The Hogan Group offers services to commercial property users to assist them in their strategic planning and execution of expansion or consolidation. Our Commercial Team scours the market daily and updates our extensive database with existing, planned, or new commercial buildings so that our clients can focus on the intricacies of running their business. The Hogan Group can also assist commercial users with the disposition of properties or the renegotiation of leases.


The research department of The Hogan Group provides the backbone to our success. We currently have a research team who are constantly monitoring the market activity. This includes the updating of our extensive computer databases sales, available properties, properties in escrow, subdivision sales activity, land and improved lot absorption, and the status of developments in process.

The Hogan Group uses third party information to create a comprehensive view of the market. Our research consists of an in-depth analysis of each submarket using all resources available to create the most complete overview for our clients. When our third party information is incomplete for an analysis, The Hogan Group will take the liberty of acquiring the needed specific information for each individual project. This involves, but not limited to, driving each submarket, walking sites, meeting with city planners and engineers, and analyzing competing projects.

Whether you are new to the market or a veteran of the Metropolitan area The Hogan Group can provide you with a market overview or in-depth analysis regarding your property needs.


The Hogan Group's GIS Mapping System is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date mapping system in the real estate industry. Location drives the real estate industry. It's not just about finding any site but finding the best site. We count on GIS technology to deliver the results by analyzing data around locations so we can find properties to match exacting specifications. GIS helps us to analyze, report, map, and model the merits of one site or location over another.

It's not always easy for a client to grasp the full picture of the current market conditions when they are inundated with information from so many sources. Using ESRI's ArcGIS program The Hogan Group is able to present a plethora of information from various sources in the most effective manner, summarizing the current market conditions. Our clients have found this tool to be one of the most beneficial ways to see market trends, understand the market, and make decisions about the present and future real estate endeavors.

The Hogan Group's GIS maps include information from all of our third party information vendors as well as proprietary information. Our maps include but are not limited to:

  • Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Land & Lot Sales Comparables
  • Current Escrows
  • Available Properties
  • Residential Permit & Sales Information
  • Foreclosure Data
  • MLS Data
  • Current and Future Developments
  • Historical Data
  • Property Ownership
  • FEMA Floodplains
  • Custom Studies