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• Joseph Hogan
• Kevin Hogan
• James Hotis
• Matthew A. Lyons
• Jim Tipton
Our Team

The Hogan Group Sales team consists of nine agents, with a tremendous amount of experience.  Our team has been involved in over two billion dollars of transactions which include, but are not limited to, the liquidation of raw land, P&E lots, finished lots, and MPC.  All of The Hogan Group agents work independently, but focus on transparency in order to share information and create a market knowledge that can be shared with our clients. This provides our clients with the most updated knowledge of the market and current deals available in each submarket.  

Kevin Hogan

Started his career with Hogan after graduating from University of Illinois in 2006 with a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Marketing and has dedicated his last three years primarily working short sales and REO opportunities. Kevin's relentless work ethic, ability to absorb and recall market knowledge and understanding of the banking industry allowed him to rise quickly to a sales agent despite the current economic downturn.

Contact Kevin at or 480-310-4999.